Buyer's Inspection

We evaluate the home to determine the maintenance or repairs that are necessary to bring the home's condition to a satisfactory level. The buyer's inspection is typically performed while they are negotiating a price for the home.  A sample report is included on this website and a written version of what is inspected is included in the Standards of Practice document.

Seller's Inspection

The seller's inspection is performed in the same manner as the buyer's inspection except that the timing is different. Typically, the seller will have the home inspected prior to listing the property. This gives the homeowner time to make any necessary repairs and it gives them a good tool to use in determining the asking price for the home.

Radon Testing

We offer Radon gas testing for your home using Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors. These devices measure Radon levels on an hourly basis and record the data for graphing. This is a superior way to know what the Radon levels are in the home because the graph of the data indicates the high and low readings. The client will be given a copy of the graph produced by the tester and a comprehensive report of the radon test results.